On the Road

go anywhere, meet everyone

Get to know the world around you



Who am I? To myself, I am a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, writer, wanderer, and lover of stories

-Esther Hassell

“Grace and Peace be with you in Abundance”
— 1 Peter 1:2

We live in a time where we are encouraged to know about our neighbor, "The Joneses", and keeping up with them is something we have begun to strive for without realizing. As spectators we often watch what is going on around us without the slightest intention of getting involved but continuously staying tuned in post to post, snap to snap, scene to scene. This blog will go beneath the surface of what we see so that we may know the people around us, that intrigue us, inspire us, and sometimes even scare us. This is a social network. This is a challenge to every reader to say hello to someone around them and to ask one question, one that will teach us about another but more importantly about ourselves. Stay tuned..